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Israel Phone Book is the White Pages for Israel entirely in English. We aggregate the Israeli phone numbers of all Israeli residences, and many cellular phones, into one Israel phonebook directory for English speakers.

This online Phonebook of Israel is a valuable tool that assists native English speakers living in Israel. Olim who may have recently made Aliya, can utilize Israel Phone Book with their integration into Israeli society, as well as with their search to gain employment in Israel.

American, British, Australian, Canadian, South African, French and Russian new immigrants, essentially folks from the entire world, have all made successful use of the Israel phone book directory. The English Phonebook of Israel is also used to leverage social network contact information for both personal and professional purposes. We also plan on offering a business directory, similar to other global business listings, in the near future.

To use our English Phone Book of Israel, simply type in the name (first or last, or both) of the person you are searching. You can also narrow your search by indicating their city. The results will contain each individual's full name, city and phone number. The White pages for English Speakers holds extensive information on the largest cities in Israel - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva, Rishon LeTziyon, Netanya, Ashdod, Rehovot, Ramat Gan, Petach Tikva, etc., as well as cities with a large concentration of Anglos such as Raanana, Bet Shemesh, Efrat, Herzliah, Mevasseret, Ginot Shomron and Zichron Yaakov. We provide information on every town, city and village in Israel, including its location in the country and the most common names of people in the municipality. Good luck with your search on Israel phone Book.